Band Fees Information

2020- 2021 


























Instrument Rental Fee Update

   * Band members failing to pay the entire fee will not be issued a school-owned instrument for the 2019-2020 marching season.  The deadline for payment will stand. Instrument rental information will be issued to parents from one of the following music stores;

    High School Music

    Strait Music 

    Better Than New 

   It will be the parent's responsibility to personally rent an instrument for continued participation in the Manor High Band Program. 



 Flip Folder:

Brass and Woodwind students need a flip folder to organize marching band music that will be used at football games or marching band rehearsals. Flip folders can be purchased at any music store or online for approximately $8-12.

 Music Lyre:

Brass and Woodwind students will need a music lyre to mount flip folders to their instruments for marching band rehearsals and football games. Music lyres are instrument specific and can be purchased at any music store or online for approximately $8-15.

Spring 2021

        $50 – Accompanist for Solo & Ensemble

        $20 – Band Banquet

       Approx. $300-$450 – Spring Trip- 2021


Failure to adhere to financial responsibilities may result in students not receiving the required items needed and possible suspension from performance until financial obligations have been met.


Description of Fees: 

Fair Share Fee;

This fee will be applied to cover a variety of expenses encountered by the band program not included in the Manor ISD Fine Arts budget. These expenses include but aren't limited to, food expenses, fall marching show costs (i.e. drill design, props, contest entry fees), supplemental marching band staff/clinicians, and transportation. 


Instrument Rental Fee:  

A required fee, applied each school year, from MISD for students using a school district-owned instrument (woodwind, brass, and percussion) for maintenance and repair. Parents are strongly encouraged to rent or purchase their instruments from a music store. If you are interested in the rental/purchase of an instrument, please speak with the directors for more information.


Band Dry-Fit T-Shirt:

This shirt will be worn underneath our uniforms for performances and special events. 


Show Shirt:

This is a new shirt every year that is designed in correlation to our fall marching show. Friends and family members may also purchase show shirts to show your support for the band!


Band Polo Shirt and Shorts:

This will be the Band’s informal uniform, used in lieu of the full formal marching uniform for performances such as parades and some football games. This uniform is designed to keep students cooler during hot summer months while maintaining a uniformed appearance.


Marching Band Baseball Cap:

This item will be a standard uniform item. All students will be required to wear the band cap for announced performances as part of the informal uniform.


Marching Band Shoes:

MHS Mustang Marching Band requires a specific model of marching shoe; therefore, it is required for students to purchase these shoes at a group rate. First-year members are required to purchase marching shoes and will continue to use them throughout subsequent years. Veteran members will need to purchase shoes if they have become lost or worn-out.



Woodwinds and Brass students are required to wear white gloves at all performances. Students may purchase multiple pairs throughout the marching season as gloves become worn out or dirty.


Accompanist for Solo & Ensemble:

Students participating in UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest may require a piano accompaniment depending on the solo he/she is performing. Accompanists generally charge a lump sum for their services which includes: the time to learn the music, rehearsals with the student soloist, and the performance. Students performing a solo not requiring a piano accompaniment do not pay this fee (i.e. percussion students). 


Band Banquet:

This is an annual event,  scheduled for the end of the school year, to celebrate and recognize band member accomplishments. The banquet is organized by our Band Booster Organization and includes a dinner, award ceremony, and a dance. Depending on costs, the price for this event varies from year to year. 


Spring Trip:

The possibility of a Spring Trip will be announced during the summer of 2020 or

Fall Semester of 2020. 

All fees are required